Friday, July 3, 2015

Jobs and Career in Fashion Designing

"Fashion" is a keyword of our time. We like to be in the Fashion so there are many scopes and opportunities in this industry. As Our society is changing rapidly due to globalisation, internet and fast communication fashion is also changing day by day. Indian fashion and design sector plays an important role in the Indian economy and impact significantly at national and international level.
Fashion field is dynamic, fast changing and full of creativity in nature. It offers limitless career opportunities and provides a platform for a promising future. Fashion is one of the few fields of work which offers "Name, Fame and Money" with personal satisfaction.

Fashion graduates from various institutes have various options like working as following categories :
designers (Fashionpreneurs and Designpreneurs),
garment technologists,
fashion managers,
supply chain managers,
product developers,
fashion consultants,
fashion photographers,
fashion journalists,
fashion forecaster and working in export houses at key positions.

Courses and eligibility Several institutes, colleges and universities offer Diploma, Under-graduate, Post-graduate ,Post-graduate Diploma and Ph.D. Programmes in Fashion Design, Technology and


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